The most mysterious group in the Zone, the very existence of which is doubted by many.

Some frequently use services of the mercenaries: professionals in their field, they quickly deal with any stalker, and can even completely liquidate a small group.

For their services, it seems, they take quite hefty sums in money or artefacts. The location of the base of this group still remains a secret; clearly, it must be located somewhere deep in the Zone.

Blue costumes flashed everywhere. They chased him as a pack of wolf chases its pray. Owl realized it too late.

He kept looking back, shooting, when a figure has appeared in front and a muffled shot was heard. The stalker fell, pressing the wound in his side. The pursuers surrounded him.

The one who shot him came up to him and pointed his gun.
- Why? – wheezed Owl.
- Nothing personal. This is what we are paid for, - the voice from under the mask said.
The answer was followed by another shot. The control shot.

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